Voluntary Return of Immigrants

The Voluntary Return Programme offers the possibility of returning to those foreign nationals (immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, people subject to the protection statute for subsidiary protection) who wish to return to their country of origin and who fulfil the established requirements.

The management of these programmes is entrusted to non-governmental organisations and international organisations specialising in the care of immigrants.

The programmes are the following:

1. Voluntary Return Programme run by Social Services. For non European Union immigrants who are considered by their local social services or a specialised NGO to be in a particularly vulnerable situation.

  • The IOM, International Organization for Migration, manages programmes for people:
    • who do have their papers in order with the administration
    • Who do not have their papers in order with the administration

2. Voluntary Productive Return Programme. Aimed at non-EU nationals not obliged to return who would like to set up a business on their return. This is managed by the IOM, International Organisation for Migration.

3. Programme for complementary benefit for accumulated payment in advance of unemployment benefit for non-EU foreign workers who voluntarily return to their countries of origin (APRE).

There is a free number to call under the auspices of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security which is answered by the Voluntary Return Unit of the Directorate General for Migration: 902 882 120.

4. Some countries have specific programmes for their nationals through their Embassies and Consulates

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