Adult education and learning spanish / basque

Adult education at certain centres is free. The courses provided by the Barakaldo Adult Education Centre are as follows:

  • basic beginner’s Spanish.
  • secondary education certificate.
  • preparatory work for university access for those over 25 years old.

There are two ordinary periods of enrolment:

  • For the first four-month period: may, june and september.
  • For the second four-month period: january.

However, in the case of basic Spanish and Spanish for foreigners, students may be taken in all year if there is a place for them.

Once they have been accepted, they must provide three identity-card sized photos and a photocopy of their identity card, passport or residence permit.


Basque and other languages: Escuela de Idiomas language school

The Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Official Language School) is a public entity providing classes and qualifications in Basque, English, French and German. Barakaldo also has a number of private entities.

Specific Basque classes: Euskaltegi Basque Language School

The Euskaltegi Municipal is a public entity which teaches the Basque language, Euskera, at all levels.

There are also other private euskaltegis in Barakaldo running Basque teaching programmes.

For professional training

There are a number of centres for Professional Initiation, Professional Training or secondary level Bachillerato.

Convalidation of studies

Validation of educational qualifications awarded in other countires for university and non-university studies is possible.

Further information

For further information or other problems, foreigners may consult the following:

Barakaldo Town Hall Department of Education, Basque and Sports.

Basque Government Territorial Education Department Immigrant Student Service.